Land Book | Land Portal

Land Book is a groundbreaking knowledge product that showcases land-related data and information that is organized by country and theme.

Land Book provides users with country and thematic portfolios, which are developed in collaboration with global and local organizations and contain a comprehensive amount of data and information.

Land Book also shows country pages, which are less comprehensive than portfolios, but still provide users with a wide range of data and information.

Land Book's country and thematic portfolios offer:

1) Written narratives that describe the main land governance issues relevant to the chosen country or theme

2) 529 indicators and 27 datasets from a wide range of information providers

3) Innovative tools for organizing, visualizing, and analyzing indicator data

4) Latest news, events, and blogs

5) Information on land-focused organizations 

6) Relevant Land Library resources


Moreover, you contribute to the Land Book, sharing datasets/indicators related to land. 

Last but not least, you can access to all the stastical data as Linked Open Data. We provide a SPARQL endpoint to query and the documentation about the LOD Land Portal Data Model.

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