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The Global Urban Footprint (GUF) maps growing urban areas very detailed and at global scale. It thereby exhibits a high potential to enhance climate modelling, risk analyses in earthquake or tsunami regions and the monitoring of human impact on ecosystems. Moreover, it can also be used for monitoring both the historical growth of different settlements, as well as their ongoing and future development. This will allow effective comparative analyses of urban dynamics among different regions of the world.


EOC conducts research in the field of remote sensing. We seek answers to urgent social questions relating to the environment and climate, mobility and planning, prevention and management of natural catastrophes, and civil security. We operate satellite data receiving stations in Germany and abroad. In the German Satellite Data Archive (D-SDA) we safeguard data and information products long-term and make them available to users.

Published dataset(s): 

For scientific and non-commercial applications, the GUF data are free for use. License Agreement and user form are available on the official website.

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