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By focusing on thematic issues, the Land Portal attempts to give avid learners a space to come together to explore and gain a better understanding on different land-related issues.

All Issues displayed here have been developed in collaboration with global organizations with relevant expertise. 


Highlighted issues

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Corruption in land governance is commonly defined as the abuse of entrusted power for private gain while carrying out the functions of land administration and land management. When land investors target countries with weak governance, the risk of corruption is high. Likewise, corruption is more likely to occur when local elites are able to manipulate their country’s land governance systems for their own benefit. 

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Climate change can destabilize existing land and resource governance institutions and associated property rights across the spectrum of landscape types. Transformed climatic conditions, manifested in either rapid-onset or slow-onset ways, can change how land and natural resources are accessed and used as geographical shifts in resource productivity, resource scarcity, and therefore land use patterns occur.

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