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Community / Land projects / Côte d'Ivoire - Industry Services Improvement Project

Côte d'Ivoire - Industry Services Improvement Project

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11/20 - 03/21


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The Industrial Services Improvement Project in Côte d'Ivoire (PASI-CI) is receiving a grant of US$357,500 from the African Development Bank's Technical Assistance Fund for Middle Income Countries. The objective is to support the industrial development of the leading economic power in the West African franc zone. PASI-CI includes a feasibility study for the creation of the Industrial Development Fund, a technical study for the development of the industrial zone of Assouba-Aboisso (south-east of the country) as well as a monographic study of the existing industrial zones of San-Pedro (south-west). The implementation period is two years and should provide the Ivorian Ministry of Trade and Industry with studies to guide public policy in terms of financing the industrial sector and developing new sectors. The project will also contribute to the promotion of investment in Ivorian industry and to the improvement of the business climate, through the provision of new industrial land and the improvement of the management and performance of existing land.