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Community / Land projects / Forest Programme II (REDD+)

Forest Programme II (REDD+)

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07/14 - 07/14


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In the government negotiations between Germany and Indonesia in 2010, an intensification of REDD+ activities as part of the FORCLIME program was agreed, with a special focus on (1) biodiversity protection and (2) integrated water catchment area management. The aim of the FC measure is for the Indonesian partners to develop and implement exemplary biodiversity protection and water catchment area measures in the pilot province of Jambi, Sumatra, and potentially in a province in Kalimantan as part of the national REDD+ concept (FC module objective). The following services are to be achieved through the implementation of the FC measure Forestry Program II (REDD+): (1) The pressure on the forest stands of the Kerinci Seblat National Park (Sumatra) is reduced and the capacities of the park are strengthened. (2) Critical areas in the upper and middle reaches of the Merangin Sub-sub DAS watershed (Sumatra) have been rehabilitated. (3) Improved cooperation between the authorities responsible for water catchment management and the Kerinci Seblat National Park (Sumatra) has stabilized the land use of the communities along the borders of the park. [Which additional service (4) will be achieved will be decided when the decision is made on the use of the EUR 5 million that has not yet been allocated in the inception phase.] Target groups are primarily population groups in selected communities that are dependent on forests or other natural resources in the project area (currently: upper and middle course of the MSSD in Jambi (Sumatra), who benefit directly from the preservation or rehabilitation of their habitats and the natural resources important for their income. The state forest sector and the local governments, who benefit in the long term from a sustainable forest sector.The Indonesian and - in view of Indonesia's great importance as an emitter of greenhouse gases - also the global population benefit from the reduction in the rate of deforestation and, as a result, from mitigation of climate change.The recipient of the grant is the Indonesian Government, represented by da s Ministry of Finance (MoF). Project sponsor is the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoFor). The total costs of the FC measure are estimated at around EUR 25.3 million. A grant of EUR 23 million and an Indonesian contribution of around EUR 2.3 million are planned to finance the FC measure.