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Community / Land projects / Forest Sector Development Project

Forest Sector Development Project

Forest Sector Development Project


07/04 - 03/15


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The project objective is to achieve sustainable management of plantation forests and the conservation of biodiversity in special use forests. This objective will be attained by improving the environment for sustainable forestry development and biodiversity conservation, providing attractive packages to mainly poor farming households to plant trees on a sustainable basis for generating additional income and employment, providing small competitive grants for effectively managing priority special use forests of international importance, and enhancing capacity in regional, provincial, district-levels, and site-levels to provide needed support services and to monitor and evaluate impact and outcomes.

On land tenure specifically, the project will support the actual allocation process and the issuance of Land Use Right Certificates (LUCs) for plantation forest establishement purposes. Activities will include: (i) preparing a proposal on the process by each district for the approval o f the province and PPMU,(ii) surveying and mapping,(iii) arranging for public display o f the results of the survey and mapping,(iv) preparation of LUCs, and (v) approval o f the LUCs by District People’s Committee and distribution of LUCs to households.