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Community / Land projects / Frame agreement with NGO (Int.Solidarity Foundation)

Frame agreement with NGO (Int.Solidarity Foundation)


01/10 - 12/14


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In the rural areas of Nicaragua especially landless people have very few opportunities for livelihood. Beekeeping is feasible in many arid areas and does not require land ownership. However, it is not yet a commonly known form of livelihood in Nicaragua. D uring the project new and old beekeepers are trained and they can have counselling. Furthermore, the project collaborates with Nicaraguan universities which are active in research on beekeeping. The infrastructure of honey processing factory is developed i n order to improve the quality of honey. The purpose of the project is that poor families could benefit from the potential of beekeeping and increase their incomes. The expected results are the increase in the productivity of honey, the availability of fea sible equipment for producers, the increase in the quality of the whole honey value chain and the increase of number of male and female producers. The project benefits directly approximately 400 beekeepers of whom 51 % are women. The project is implemented by ISF?s local partner, the cooperative Tierra Nueva.