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Community / Land projects / Gash Sustainable Livelihoods Regeneration Project (GASH)

Gash Sustainable Livelihoods Regeneration Project (GASH)


08/04 - 09/12


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The project intended to regenerate the livelihoods of 67,000 poor households in and around the Gash Delta, compatible with the efficient and sustainable use of the land and water resources and based upon a shared vision of development and the stability of the related institutional arrangements. The purpose of the project was to ensure the efficient, equitable and sustainable operation of the Gash Agricultural Scheme and the integration of the scheme into the local economy.

On land and natural resource governance, the project supported the Land Reform and the redistribution of land. Furthermore it supported the voluntary organization of farmers into legally recognized WUAs, with which the Gash Agricultural Scheme entered into service provision contracts for the delivery of water at the masga or sub-masga level (unit within an irrigation block).