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The Land Portal project database aims to support practitioners, researchers, donors and other land stakeholders to easily search for types of projects, to track funding and to use this information to seek out fruitful collaboration. Project details are based on the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) Standard to ensure that this information can be shared among other websites. We welcome the submission of all land-related projects.


Steps to submitting a project on the Land Portal

1. Create your user profile

In order to add your project, you will first need to create a user profile on the Land Portal. This will enable you to contribute projects, but also other content types, such as news, blogs, events, library resources and more. You will need to wait for a moderator to approve your account before proceeding. If you already have a Land Portal account, simply login


2. Add your organization

Your organization may already have a profile on the Land Portal, so before creating an organization, please check our Community page to see if your organization is there. If your organization does not have a profile, you will need to create one. To create your organizational profile, please add all relevant details, including your organization’s name, description, organization type, contact information, metadata (including geographical focus, thematic focus and related terms) and upload your logo.


3. Create your project

To create a project, fill in the sections in as much detail as you can, including title or the project, project description, starting and end date of the project, project financing, web links, contact information and metadata (geographical focus, thematic focus and related terms).

Importantly, please add associated staff, donor organizations, implementing organizations and data providers if relevant. To add a person under staff, simply type the name of the person you want to add and it will appear. Similarly, to add an organization, type the name of the organization and it will appear. If you have not yet added your organization or if other organizations such as donors are not yet on the Land Portal, click on the + symbol to add a new organization. 


4. Submit your project

To submit your project, please make sure that you have filled in all mandatory fields and clicked on the button "submit".


What happens to your project after submission?

Once you have submitted your project, the Land Portal Team will review what you have submitted. We may ask you for additional information or explanations. Once the screening process is finalized and your project is ready to be published, the Land Portal team will inform you about its publication and further steps, if necessary.

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