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Community / Land projects / IGAD 2019-2021 Gender Responsive Land Adminstration and Monitoring

IGAD 2019-2021 Gender Responsive Land Adminstration and Monitoring


10/19 - 06/23


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The objective of the effort is to secure access to land and land rights for all land users in the IGAD (Inter-Governmental Authority on Development) region through the implementation of the African Union (AU) Declaration on Land Issues and Challenges in Africa, which is expected to strengthen socio-economic development and increase peace and security. The effort is expected to increase the capacity of IGAD and its member countries to implement land administrative reforms by operationalizing appropriate frameworks and instruments for improved service, equality and monitoring of land rights. The aim of the effort is: 1) Enhanced capacity of IGAD and its Member States to effectively implement gender-integrated land administration through the use of innovative aids and tools. 2) Strengthen and integrate the gender equality perspective in country administration in IGAD member states. 3) To facilitate the monitoring of land rights to improve land reform policy processes and implementation of the same in the IGAD region. 4) Improve IGAD's capacity to monitor the implementation of regional country programmes. The effort lasts for two years (October 2019-September 2021) at a total cost of SEK 35,000,000 of which 18,000,000 is to be used for the implementation of the effort in year 1 (October 2019-September 2020) and the remaining SEK 17,000,000 is to cover the implementation in year 2 (October 2020- September 2021)