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Community / Land projects / Irrigation, Rural Livelihoods and Agricultural Development Project (IRLADP)

Irrigation, Rural Livelihoods and Agricultural Development Project (IRLADP)


05/06 - 06/12


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The aim of the project was to increase the incomes and agricultural productivity of 196,550 poor households in the northern, central and southern regions, by supporting comprising community public works schemes, capacity building and technical advisory services for crop production, marketing and post-harvest assets and services. The project provided farmers with seeds and fertilizer to restore agricultural production. To reduce the risks associated with rain-fed farming, the project also supported rehabilitation and development of new irrigation systems, reservoirs and rainwater harvesting structures.

On land and natural resource governance, the project included the training of farmers on land issues using land experts; it developed a local binding document which farmers and landowners signed to commit to sharing the land resource for the benefit of both. It ensured equitable land allocation and tenure security in four existing Government-owned small-scale gravity irrigation schemes and established WUAs which defined water right and water management responsibilities. Land was allocated by individual land owners and traditional authorities for various Farmer Services and Livelihoods Fund (FSLF) and Inputs for Assets programme (IFA) projects.