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Community / Land projects / Mozambique - Drought Recovery and Agricultural Resilience Project (DRARP)

Mozambique - Drought Recovery and Agricultural Resilience Project (DRARP)

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01/18 - 02/18


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The Drought Recovery and Climate Resilience Project is an integrated operation to strengthen the capacity of the rural communities to address the inter-linked challenges of climate change, rural poverty, food insecurity and land degradation through the provision of water harvesting infrastructure, and improving food production and marketing activities as well as capacity building for the affected communities. This project consists of three approaches for scaling up agriculture water infrastructure development through: (1) small irrigation schemes, (ii) construction and installation of water harvesting structures and (iii) installation of water treatment plants with desalination systems powered by solar panel systems. The DRARP is a critical intervention as the effects and impacts of climate change are already being felt due to erratic and inadequate rainfall patterns and declining on-farm productivity as a result of the increasing intensity of adverse climatic conditions. The project will support the improvement of food security and marketing to increase resilience to climate change and provide capacity building on climate change risk management in particular related to drought, and systems for monitoring and evaluation. The total project cost is 11.0 UA (15.51 million dollars) over 5 years (2018-2022) and will be implemented in the four drought prone districts of Magude, Matutuine, Chigubo and Chibuto with estimated total direct beneficiaries of 20,000 and additional 20,000 indirect beneficiaries. It consists of the three following components: I) Agriculture Water Infrastructure Development; (ii) improved Food Security and Marketing to Increase Resilience to Climate Change; and (iii) Project Management.