Promoting strategic intervention to achieve long term implementation of the VGGT | Land Portal
Contact information: 
Samuel Mabikke, FAO <>

Geographical focus

The strategic objective of the project is to strengthen the capacity of rural women to understand their land rights and to self-advocate for the protection of their customary land rights and the elimination of discriminatory barriers through improved land rights administration reforms. The project will have two specific components: 1. Context analysis of the critical aspects influencing and hindering women´s land rights in three ethnically diverse customary tenure communities (Temne, Limba and Mende); 2. Training and Capacity Development - women and men as community women’s land rights leaders, advocates and trainers with the appropriate skills and technical competence to participate in land rights clarification decisions; 3. Pilot Customary land rights ascertainment, demarcation and recording pilot using SOLA Open Tenure in three ethnically different customary tenure communities.

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