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Community / Land projects / Reconstruction and Rural Modernization Project (PREMODER)

Reconstruction and Rural Modernization Project (PREMODER)


12/02 - 12/11


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The project intended to assist the Government of El Salvador to rebuild the region devastated by the earthquake of 2001, working on five departments (Ahuachapán, Chalatenango , La Libertad, Santa Ana and Sonsonate) located in the Western and Central regions benefiting 4,280 households. The departments of Santa Ana , Sonsonate and La Libertad were the most affected by the earthquakes. It had two main components: reconstruction of infrastructure -for which the program will provide reimbursable funds, and other building economic and social development of the less devastated communities, in order to create integrated development corridors between the two zones.

It is stated that the economic recovery of the project beneficiaries (after Hurricane Mitch and two violent earthquakes in 2001) had led to an increase in land ownership by 13.6%. The project facilitated access to land mainly through providing information and advice in the process of legalization, the main forms of access to land were: i) purchase (36%), the "comodato" (29.3%) and temporary authorization of usufruct (23%).