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Jean Maurice Durand, FAO <>

Geographical focus

The project aims to increase stakeholders knowledge on the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests in the Context of National Food Security (Voluntary Guidelines) and promote the development, implementation and monitoring of policies, laws and practices that improve the governance of tenure. Responsible governance of tenure influence the way in which people, communities and others gain access to land, fisheries and forests. The livelihoods of people are based on secure and equitable access to and control over these resources. The project aims to promote responsible practices that will improve food security and the sustainable management of natural resources.

Two workshops have been organized - one in Niger (28-30 January 2014) and one in Senegal (12-14 March 2014). These workshops have been the occasion to raise awareness on the VGGT and to participatorily realize a first assessment of the governance of tenure in the country (tacking stock study of the 20 years of existence of the Code Rural in Niger and results of the LGAF in Senegal). The workshops have been a unique occasion to gather land governance stakeholders who rarely met. Presentations on initiatives by civil society, farmers’organizations and governments enabled synergies to be found.
In addition, the workshops have helped to launch partnerships (Code Rural in Niger and IPAR in Senegal) necessary to drive the process of dialogue that will be continued with the three up-coming workshops in each country under Italian funds.

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