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Land Portal: Country Insights

Land Portal announces its new initiative to allow you to virtually travel and dive deep into the different, as well as common land tenure realities faced by different countries in the world. With a magnifying glass, you will learn what land tenure challenges remain critical and what innovative solutions are being explored at the country level.

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Malaysia comprises two main land masses. Peninsular (or West) Malaysia borders Singapore (via land bridges) and Thailand, while East Malaysia on the northern part of Borneo island borders Brunei and Indonesia. The Federation of Malaya was formed in 1948 and gained independence from British sovereignty in 1957. Malaysia was formed as a new Federation in 1963, bringing in the states of Singapore (temporarily until 1965), Sarawak and Sabah.

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cambodia fishing village

Land lies at the center of debates about Cambodia’s socio-economic development. Despite urbanization tendencies, agriculture remains the main source of income for over three quarter of the population. For farmers in the fertile lowlands, private land ownership rights have enabled recovery of their livelihoods after decades of violent conflict. Meanwhile, the resource-rich uplands and border areas have been the site of large-scale land acquisitions for cash crop production and extractive industries. 

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Indonesia contains 17,508 islands, of which around 6,000 are populated. The total land area is just over 1.9 million km2. Its geographical location off mainland Southeast Asia places the country as particularly susceptible to natural disasters, including climate change. Indonesia is the fourth most populated country in the world with over 270 million inhabitants. Over 140 million people live on Java, making it the most populous island in the world. It is also the world’s largest Muslim country, making up 87% of the population.

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Don't forget smallholder farmers
25 February 2021



This webinar takes place in the frame of the County Insights initiative and marks the launch of Land Portal's new country portfolios for Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. The aim is to unpack the topic of Responsible Agricultural Investment through experiences from these countries, while marking out tenure security risks for smallholders and the rural poor. In particular, the discussion will highlight new aims towards equitable and sustainable practices for land user and investor, comparing positive case examples, and challenges to promote inclusive measures.

Land Portal Foundation
The Phnom Penh Post
21 January 2021

Ten cases of land disputes that lasted for over 15 years have been solved by the Banteay Srei district administration by understanding and peaceful mean on January 19.

Deregulation law ‘raises corruption risk’ in Indonesia’s forestry sector
13 January 2021
  • Experts have warned that a controversial deregulation act will serve as a springboard for greater corruption in Indonesia’s forestry sector.
  • They say a pervasive lack of transparency will allow companies such as plantation operators to whitewash their illegal occupation of forests or take control of larger swaths of land than permitted, among other risks.

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