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data story climate, conflict and displacement in the Sahel Climate change, conflict and displacement across the Sahel
7 December 2023
In a 2009  TED Talk  with over 35 million views, Nigerian novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie speaks about the danger of a single story and the simplifications that they promote. Her observations are highly pertinent in the case of the Sahel. Persistent single stories in the media and the...
Data story banner, Simien Mountains National Park, Ethiopia, by Leonard A. Floyd Promises and realities of land formalization in Africa
16 November 2023
In this Data Story we review the literature and experiences on land reforms in Africa, and particularly on land formalization, to enquire: have they delivered on the promise for more land tenure security, agricultural productivity and women's land access? The story first provides some...
complexities of measuring land projects impact The complexities of measuring the impact of land projects
6 September 2023
Weak land governance is globally recognized as an obstacle to development and stability. Secure land tenure is seen as a driver of poverty reduction, food security and gender equality. This recognition has led to increased efforts by donors, governments and civil society to improve land governance...
Woman in the fields in Sierra Leone, 2012 Data Story: What makes and breaks achieving women's tenure security
8 March 2023
Over the past decade, the gender gap in land rights and therewith the importance of women’s tenure security has gained increasing awareness and momentum in many parts of the world. Despite numerous measures to support gender equality in land rights,  rural and urban women continue to face numerous ...


Data story about the Voluntary Guidelines (VGGT) The Voluntary Guidelines: A Data Deficit?
4 October 2022
Anyone working in the field of land tenure and land governance will be aware of the existence of the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests (VGGTs). Similarly, many will know that 2022 is the ten-year anniversary of their endorsement. ...
The power of storytelling
18 May 2022
The Land Portal advocates for more and better open land data, but more and better have never been our end objectives. Data must be used; it needs a purpose. One of the ways we practice what we preach is through our data stories.  The Land Portal regularly produces data stories on a wide...
A Story about Maize: Tracing a value chain from land-use to supermarket shelf
13 May 2022
  Maize is a key global cash crop, produced in every continent except Antarctica. As a flex crop, it has multiple uses including for direct human consumption, as an ingredient for animal feed, as a key component in processed foods, or in ethanol production. According to figures from...
Double dispossession? A history of land and mining in South Africa's former homelands
28 April 2022
Colonial and apartheid land dispossession in South Africa was the most extensive of any country in sub-saharan Africa. Despite a land reform programme initiated after the transition to democracy in 1994, equitable access to land remains an unresolved question in both urban and rural areas. Land...
CarbonMapRRI.jpg New Data Story: Communities, Carbon and the Climate Crisis
1 February 2022
Indigenous Peoples and local communities have successfully stewarded biodiversity rich landscapes for generations, helping to conserve and protect forests and other critical ecosystems while pursuing their own self determined priorities and livelihood needs. However, in the absence of legally...


Renewable energies & Indigenous territories: The impact and potential of energy planning
2 November 2021
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Deforestation in Cambodia: A story of land concessions, migration and resource exploitation
24 September 2021
Since the turn of the century, 27,000 km2 of land in Cambodia has been deforested. This is 14.8% of total land area in the country. It also represents 26.4% of forest cover as existed in 2000. An acceleration in deforestaton is seen from the early 2000s to 2010. For the land‐grab aficionado, the...
New Geographies of Climate Vulnerability New Geographies of Climate Vulnerability
3 August 2021
Mining in the context of climate of climate change brings new challenges to the industry and exacerbates already existing sustainability problems. This Datastory highlights some of these tensions while pointing towards emerging best practice. The findings are based on document analysis and semi-...
Indigenous territories How indigenous and local communities are at the forefront of biodiversity conservation and territorial protection
16 June 2021
Indigenous forest tenure About the important role local people play in forest conservation and carbon management Indigenous forest tenure: the important role local people play in forest conservation and carbon management
5 June 2021
A new data story based on a recent study by the FAO demonstrates how the forests of indigenous and tribal territories in Latin America are key for mitigating climate change and conserving biodiversity.              


Khatkari The Struggle of the Katkaris for Dalhi Land Rights
22 December 2020
mozambique-80752_1280 A New Hope
15 October 2020
This is the story of how dozens of communities in Mozambique are mapping and documenting their own land rights. "A New Hope" is the winner of the Land Portal's Second Data Story Contest, and is authored by the team at Terra Firma Mozambique.      
pastoralists_iran Pastoralists in Iran: Flexible sustainable use-rights solutions in the semi-arid area of Maymand
22 July 2020
Gautrian_datastory2 South Africa's Move Towards Spatial Transformation: A Look Into Trends in Land Market Data
29 January 2020
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sierra leone.jpg The Power of Land
30 May 2019
This story was submitted as part of our recent Data Stories Contest and was the recipient of the second prize. The original story can be found here.       
The burden of history: Land and a divided community in San José Sinaché, Guatemala
30 May 2019
We meet Rosalía in a roadside café in a dusty town in the Quiché department, in Guatemala’s Western Highlands. She lowers her voice whenever people come in – you never know who might be listening. Land is sensitive stuff, especially in Quiché, a region that still bears, perhaps more...
How Satellites can locate potential land grabs in Africa
28 May 2019
This story was submitted as part of our recent Data Stories Contest and was the recipient of the first prize. The original story can be found here.     

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