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6 May 2019
South America

Far-right Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s personal crusade to extinguish indigenous rights and devastate indigenous territories just hit a wall. Two, actually.

3 May 2019
Central America

BOGOTA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Guatemala’s subsistence farmers and indigenous people living in poor rural communities are most affected by rising temperatures and unpredictable rainfall linked to climate change, a leading researcher said on Friday.

3 May 2019
Western Africa
  • In Niger, where agriculture is the main source of income, the message is simple: Losing your soil means losing your livelihood.
2 May 2019

We cannot talk about traditional knowledge without talking about the right to land, territories and resources – for us, it is ecosystem-based and language-based – they are linked to each other, environmental activist Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim told Landscape News.

2 May 2019
  • Widespread use of fuelwood and charcoal for cooking and heating is a notable barrier to achieving development and conservation goals in sub-Saharan Africa, yet previous attempts at introducing better fuel technologies have largely failed.
1 May 2019
Western Africa

Gender and Land Rights Phase II Project to highlight and support initiatives that enhance rural women’s participation in land related decisions has yielded results at Nanton in the Northern Region.

The project was executed by the Network for Women’s Rights (NETRIGHT) Ghana, in partnership with the Grassroots Sisterhood Foundation (GSF), a Northern Region based NGO.

30 April 2019

“When invaders come from the outside, they bring hunger and death,” said Jair Seixas Reis, chief of the Maraguá people in Brazil’s state of Mato Grosso. “We don’t know what to do other than resist. It’s very dangerous. I’m asking for help. The world needs to speak out. Amazonia is the lungs of our earth and if the lungs don’t work, the world will die.”

30 April 2019

The project may prove to be biggest effort so far to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

NEW YORK - A Dublin-based company plans to erect "mechanical trees" in the United States that will suck carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air, it said on Monday, in what may prove to be biggest effort to remove the gas blamed for climate change from the atmosphere.

29 April 2019
Western Africa

MONROVIA – Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI), a global non-governmental organization and its local partner, the National Housing Authority (NHA) have completed the first step in developing Voluntary Gender Responsive Relocation Policy Guidelines (VGRRPG) to provide a framework for planned voluntary processes, under the Cities Alliance led Liberia Country Program and sup

29 April 2019
South-Eastern Asia

A study conducted by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources showed that 180 of 421 rivers and other bodies of water nationwide are so heavily polluted they may soon be declared biologically dead. The DENR study showed that the biggest culprit was domestic sewage followed by commercial and industrial wastes.

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