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<p>Call for papers from the International Indigenous Policy Journal:</p> <blockquote> <p>There is evidence to suggest that cultural continuity of Aboriginal communities is a key aspect determining well-being among Aboriginal peoples. One of the most poignant aspects of traditional culture is spirituality. It is known that Aboriginal spiritualities are undergoing a period of revitalization throughout the world. For instance, in Canada between 1991 and 2001 Aboriginal spirituality was the only growing spiritual path found among First Nations communities.

<p>Rotary Peace Fellows are leaders promoting national and international cooperation, peace, and the successful resolution of conflict throughout their lives, in their careers, and through service act

<p>A new brief from IDRC:</p> <blockquote> <p>Solutions to the problem [of providing clean water for everyone] have long focused on increasing water supplies through technological means — dams, diversion of water streams, and desalination, among them. But they aren’t enough: meeting the world’s water needs also requires better water management and effective institutions — it needs people. That is the thrust of research supported by Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC).

The European Commission, the Government of Spain and the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development have convened the Third European Forum on Rural Development, which will take place in Palencia (Spain) from 29 March to 1 April 2011.

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