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On August 26th, The New Indian Express published an article on the latest developments of the dialogue between social movements, including Ekta Parishad, and the India government, expressing the fact that land reforms ar now on the political agenda, one month before the start of Jan Satyagraha 2012, March for Justice (beginning on October 2nd). To read more click on the link below

Pirgong, Bangladesh -  A young landless peasant was brutally killed in a landless territory called Zoykur at Pirgong, Thakurgoan district on July 3. Kamolakanto Kanu, member of the Joykur Peoples Organization which is facilitated by the Community Development Association (CDA) of Bangladesh, and ILC member.

Another article explaining that the government is beginning to consider the issue of landlessness and land grabbing for industrial purposes seriously... Is it just communications or are things really moving in India? One can have some doubts but still appreciate the movement... To read more about the situation in Kerala click on the link below.

A study came out revealing that Asian women are the ones suffering most from lack of land rights, and this seems to prevent some countries to achieve a better development.... To read more click on the link below

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