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Dear colleagues,


I have the pleasure yet again, to share with you the latest Edition of the Uganda Land Alliance Newsletter, Issue 7. Please click on the link below to access the Newsletter directly on our newly refurbished Website. Also find the Newsletter herewith.


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Olivier De Schutter, UN special rapporteur on the right to food, calls for consensus before talks this month on land governance, as commercial pressures mount. Governments should be wary of speculation and concentration of ownership when land rights are transferred to investors to "develop" farmland, a UN expert has warned before key UN negotiations on land governance.

STOCKHOLM (AP) — Solar power technology and efforts to protect the rights of birthing mothers, victims of dictatorship and farming communities were rewarded Thursday with the Right Livelihood Awards, sometimes referred to as the alternative Nobel prizes.

Had a meaningful meeting with Mr.Jairam Ramesh on land issues. Calling a larger group meeting soon, followed by the first meeting of National Council for Land Reforms in the first week of October....looking forward to meaningful dialogue and responce to peoples' struggle.

22 September 2011 -  Kampala – Oxfam International and the Uganda Land Alliance (ULA) today urged the government to investigate allegations that more than 20,000 people were involuntarily evicted from the Namwasa and Luwunga forest reserves in Mubende and Kiboga districts, to make way for a commercial tree plantation licensed to the UK-based New Forests Company

The original names of the hills, trees, rivers, animals and Bosawas basins are preserved in the Mayangna language. This is proof that these [lands] have been inhabited and cared for by our ancestors,” said Esteban López, vice president of one of the seven indigenous governments that administrate semi-autonomous areas in northern Nicaragua.

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