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A new report released by the Earth Security Initiative puts the question of arable land at the center of a new security agenda. The risks to national economies, political stability and social cohesion, it argues, must now be acknowledged and dealt with.

(Geneva, 11 March 2012)

It's a red alert now.

The government of Saudi Arabia currently owns 1.6 million hectares (ha) of land in Sudan and Indonesia. In Madagascar around 1.3 million ha were leased, bought or transferred to private corporations of South Korea.

The Observatory on Land Acquisitions Project is an innovative project that aims to improve the quality and inclusiveness of policy dialogue and decision-making on land, both globally and in countries around the world, by making spatial data, as well information on actors and their activities, more accessible and engaging.

Alejandro Litovsky and Paulina Villalpando look at how the risks of investing in farmland create opportunities for sustainability


How agricultural land is owned, what is grown on it, and by whom, will probably determine much of the next century’s politics, profits and, possibly, revolutions.

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