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8 November 2018

UDALGURI, India — Not long ago, this lush land was nothing more than sand and stone. In the absence of shade trees, Alfred Daimari remembers carrying an umbrella to protect his face from the scorching sun and shielding his dinners from a fierce, dusty wind.

“Now look at it,” Daimari said, gesturing at the thick canopy that hangs over the bench where he’s resting in Udalguri, a district in the Himalayan foothills of northeast India near the Bhutan border.

8 November 2018
South Africa

Politics trumps policy in the push for a constitutional amendment to expressly allow land expropriation without compensation. That much became clear at Thursday’s bruising and at times chaotic meeting of Parliament’s constitutional review committee. But in the world of politics it’s not necessarily what’s up front and visible that determines outcomes, particularly with the looming 2019 elections. 

8 November 2018
Papua New Guinea
  • Papua New Guinea has embarked on a surge of building projects in Port Moresby as the capital city prepares to host the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit.
  • In the buildup to the summit, thousands of people were evicted from a settlement in Paga Hill, which is next to the conference hall where the APEC Leaders’ Summit will be held.
  • Former residents of Paga Hill say their experiences of eviction, demolition and resettlement are a cautionary tale for others in the country who face relocation in the name of development.
7 November 2018

As extreme rainfall brings more landslides, farmers are turning to bamboo to protect their land - and making an income from it

MAKOMBOKI, Kenya - Lunch at Macharia Mirara's house in the village of Makomboki used to be a cheery occasion as his children chattered about their morning at school. But these days, no one is home.

The family is absent because of the threat from an adjacent loose earth slope, which runs about a kilometre down to the valley floor in central Kenya's Murang'a County.

7 November 2018

Tribal group reignite protest on anniversary of attack that saw members killed, thousands 'evicted from ancestral lands'

Rights activists and Santals have renewed calls on the government to return large swathes of disputed land to the ethnic minority community in northern Bangladesh.

The call was made at a protest attended by hundreds of Santal people in the Govindaganj area of Gaibandha district on Nov. 6.

8 November 2018


We are honored to announce that Omidyar Network has renewed its support of the Land Portal Foundation with an investment of $400,000 to support the integration and visualization of spatial data and the dissemination of SDG-related data and information, as well as provide core funding for institutional enhancement, over the next two years.

8 November 2018

At the Land Portal, we are in the business of building an information ecosystem for land governance that supports better informed decision and policy making at national and international levels. We realize that these concepts are often difficult to grasp, and that the linkages between open data and land rights are not exactly commonplace “dinner table” talk.

6 November 2018
South Africa

Five years ago people were evicted from their shacks in Durban to make way for housing for members of the African National Congress

DURBAN, South Africa - Five years ago Ndabo Mzimela was evicted from a cramped backyard shack in Durban to make way for the construction of subsidised government housing.

Those houses, he and other residents said, were allocated exclusively to paying members of the African National Congress (ANC), the South African ruling party that has been beset in recent years by allegations of widespread corruption.

6 November 2018
  • The struggle for access to safe and sufficient water for drinking and irrigation defines life for the indigenous Wayuu of La Guajira, Colombia’s northernmost department.
  • Activists have described the Wayuu as being in the throes of a humanitarian crisis, with Wayuu children suffering high rates of malnutrition and death as a result of water and food scarcity.
6 November 2018

LOS CEDROS, Ecuador (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Ecuador is facing a lawsuit this week for giving mining companies exploration rights to a protected forest in one of the country’s most biodiverse regions without local consultation.

Brought by the local Cotacachi government, the lawsuit requests the regional court place an injunction on all mining activity within Los Cedros in the Intag Valley, a lush area of rivers and Andean tropical forest.

5 November 2018

The planned prosecution of Supreme Court judges who acquitted 11 peasant farmers jailed over the death of police officers during a violent land eviction in 2012, known as the Curuguaty Massacre”, could undermine the rule of law, a UN expert said on Monday.

“These are fundamental elements in the full enjoyment of human rights,” UN Special Rapporteur on independence of judges and lawyers, Diego García-Sayán, said in a press release.

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