The Land Portal website addresses the extreme fragmentation of information on property rights and land governance online. Through the Land Portal pages, a user is directed to the great variety of sources of land-related information.

This Help & Documentation page presents you the 'back end' of the Land Portal website - how it's structured, what information you can find and how you can contribute and re-use any of the information that is available on the Land Portal.


Land Portal Content

The Land Portal website offers a wealth of information on land governance and property rights issues. This information is divided into different types of content, structured under three main services:

Land Book - The Land Book presents statistical datasets and indicators as well as information structured by country and thematic portfolios.

Land Debate - The Land Debate is intended to bring together the community and facilitate debate and networking on land and property rights issues. The types of content you will find in these sections are news items, land-related events and conferences, online discussions, blogs and profiles from over a thousand organizations that work on land-related issues.

Land Library - The Land Library is a virtual repository that gives access to over 25,000 resources. These resources include laws and legislations, bibliographic publications, but also maps and multimedia items. Click here to find out more what kind of Land Library resource types the Land Portal identifies.

Land Portal Structure and Taxonomies

To classify and structure the content on the website, the Land Portal makes use of several standard and controlled vocabularies. These are vocabularies that relate to the topic, geographical coverage, types of resources, among others. These vocabularies help you browse through content on the Land Portal website and search for particular information. 

Take a look at the different standard vocabularies the Land Portal uses and use it to browse through all the content on the Land Portal website.

If you are interested in the data models for each type of content that the Land Portal holds, please visit this page. The Land Portal aims to follow the standard and generally accepted data models for each content type.





In order to contribute content to or participate in debates on the Land Portal website, you need to be registered user. Click here to create an account with the Land Portal.

As soon as you have been authenticated and you can log in, you can click on the silhouette icon on the far right of the screen and select 'Add content' in the dropdown menu. 

If you need any guidance in adding new content to the Land Portal, please visit this page.


For organizations

If you would like to share an entire database with the Land Portal instead of adding a few resources manually, you can contact us through this form.


The Land Portal Foundation believes in an Open Data approach - making sure that information is accessible and re-usable by anyone. This way, anybody benefits from the knowledge and it will have a much wider impact.

To find out more about how to re-use the information available on the Land Portal website, please visit this page for more information.




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