This page is here to guide you through managing and creating content for your Land Portal partners hosted site.

On this page you will find:

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Website overview

On all the pages of your website you will find:

  • The site header composed of

    • The partner logo and site menu

    • A background image or an integrated promoted slider (visible on the whole site)

  • A central area, customizable with various layouts, backgrounds, rich content with text, images…

  • Some content related to this page (news, publications...)

  • More content configured appear on one or multiple pages (such as contact us, newsletter subscriptions and more)

  • A personalized section of the footer to display your social network links



If you are a group contributor or administrator you will be able to add or edit content on the Land Portal and your partner site once logged in.



Landing page

Is composed of the following element:

  • Site header

  • A Promoted slider

  • The home page content (text, images, layout)

  • Some dynamic “blocks” (see below)


Special page

The content wrapper page, which have URLs looking like  address:


Where XXX is the uniq ID of the Land Portal content node.

Website pages


Those pages constitute the base structure of your site.

They are comprised of text, images and some blocks. The page content is entirely customizable using our editing system.


A typical page is composed of:

  • Common identity elements (Header, promoted slider or a background image)

  • The page content (blocks of text, images, background colors, column layout)

  • Some dynamic content (teasers of content related to the page)

  • Additional blocks

  • Footer


Dynamic / related content

Those blocks list the content (such as News, Events, Library resources) that will appear as teasers on the various pages of your site.

Page editors are be able to select which content should appear on which page.


Additionally, there are 2 more content blocks that are editable only by the site administrators:

  • Promoted content (top carousel)
    This block appear on the Landing Page and optionally on other pages as well.

  • Featured content (bottom carousel)
    This block show on every pages.


Static / Additional content

The content of those blocks is (for now) only editable by the Land Portal Team.

If you need to change their content, send your updated text (and eventually pictures) to the LP team.

  • Contact us

  • Newsletter subscriptions

  • Social network / share button
    Appear in the footer

  • Forms

    • Contact us

Create Content

Create or edit a page on the partners site

To create a new partners page, go to the contributors add content screen (from the user menu) and create a new Partners page you can also create new page from the helper block located on top of every Partners site page editing screen.

If needed, don't forget to add a link to your partners site menu.


Attach content to a partners page

To create new content or display existing publications from the Land Portal publications on your site you need to:

  1. Create the News, Blog post, Event, Debate or Land Library resource you want to publish on the Land Portal.
  2. Go to the partners site page you want to promoted it to and edit it.
  3. Select and attach the newly content created to this page (Figure 1 & 2 below), save the partners site page.
    This content 


Figure 1 - Attach related content

Figure 2 - Select the content




To manage your partners site, visit the landing page you should find on the top-right a menu with the usual "view", "edit" links and a special "group" link as well.

From the partners site landing page, the Edit menu let you manage

  • the landing page content (blocks, texts, links...)
  • Promoted and featured elements.

the Group menu, let you:

  • Manage members and administrator
    Administrators can:
    • Approve new members, promoted them
    • Access to the main site administration page

    Contributors can:

    • Edit site pages
    • Associate content
  • Manage the partners site menu


While editing content on your site you should also see a helper block the gives you easy and quick access to most of the pages to manage your site.








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