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Community / Land projects / OEG - KAVES (Kenya Agriculture Value Chains Program)

OEG - KAVES (Kenya Agriculture Value Chains Program)


01/13 - 09/19


This project is part of


(Kenya): .The Kenya Agricultural Value Chain Enterprises mechanism seeks to reduce poverty among smallholder farmers and improve the nutrition status of women and children in 22 Feed the Future focus counties. ..FY 2016 funding will: 1) strengthen and promote smallholder production systems; 2) increase yields and reduce costs of production through transfer of low-cost technologies and practices; 3) source financial and technical assistance to reduce the costs of aggregation and marketing of food security crops, dairy, and other horticulture; 4) improve post harvest handling systems to reduce physical wastage and quality-related price erosion; 5) add value through processing crops and milk into manufactured products; 6) attract new private sector investments that increase demand for smallholder-based production systems; 7) support decentralized public sector capacity in regulation of commercial agribusiness based on smallholder producers; and 8) improve the land rights for smallholder farmers......

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