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Community / Land projects / Pilot on Responsible Land-Based Investments

Pilot on Responsible Land-Based Investments


01/16 - 01/18


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Under the Evaluation, Research and Communications (ERC) project, USAID is collaborating with the private sector to road-test investment guidance such as the New Alliance’s Analytical Framework for Responsible Land-Based Investments in African Agriculture. The Responsible Land-Based Investment Pilot supports the efforts of several investors to improve corporate due diligence processes, community consultation and grievance mechanisms while enhancing food security, environmental protection and human rights protections. This pilot is undertaken as part of the U.S. Government’s National Action Plan on Responsible Business Conduct and USAID’s overall efforts to promote responsible investment in the developing world. This pilot is designed to mitigate risks and reduce or eliminate harms associated with land-based investment in developing countries. By strengthening due diligence processes, USAID will help private sector investors identify possible risks associated with new or existing investments that may affect the land tenure and resource rights of local peoples and communities. The project will also support efforts to create effective grievance mechanisms so local people can air complaints and concerns related to land-based investments. Finally, the pilot project will create participatory processes to map and record land rights information for smallholders. These efforts are designed help create more inclusive processes that address various concerns related to land-based investing. Through this pilot project, USAID will document lessons learned and successes in order to improve the private sector’s engagement with local people and communities with the goal of increasing shared value and benefits. The pilot will produce a variety of material to share these lessons broadly.

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