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Community / Land projects / UNIPP Technical Secretariat project

UNIPP Technical Secretariat project


03/12 - 06/15


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This project establishes the secretariat of UNIPP. UNIPP will focus on the following key thematic areas for intervention: 1. Legislative review and reform: develop capacities of State institutions to have indigenous peoples’ rights included and recognized within the national legal system, including through constitutional reforms, development of legislation and incorporation at administrative levels both through indigenous specific legislation such as in areas of non-discrimination. 2 Democratic governance and indigenous peoples’ institutions: strengthening indigenous peoples’ institutions and organizational capacity to fully participate in governance and policy processes at local and national levels 3. Access to justice: recognition and strengthening of indigenous customary law and justice systems; and their inclusion within national legal systems. 4. Access to land and ancestral territories: developing and strengthening capacities for land titling, demarcation and use of ancestral territories, including local capacity development initiatives and those aimed at securing greater recognition of indigenous lands. 5. Natural resources and extractive industries: promoting a framework for conflict prevention, consultation, participation, benefit-sharing and dispute resolution. This area will have a special focus on conflict prevention initiatives around ancestral land and use of natural resources, in particular the need to develop capacity of indigenous communities in negotiation skills and dispute resolution in line with international legal instruments.

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