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Land Grabbing and Political Transformation in Tanzania

Peer-reviewed publication
Septiembre, 2012

Like many of its neighbors, Tanzania is experiencing a well-documented surge of land grabbing related to investments in industries such as agriculture, biofuels, tourism, hunting, and forestry. Land grabbing in Tanzania is best understood and analyzed as both a symptom of and contributor towards wider political economic processes of change occurring in Tanzania.

Does Rising Landlessness Signal Success or Failure for Vietnam’s Agrarian Transition?

Junio, 2012

In the wake of reforms to establish a free market in land-use rights, Vietnam is experiencing a pronounced rise in rural landlessness. To some observers this is a harmless by-product of a more efficient economy, while to others it signals the return of the pre-socialist class-structure, with the rural landless at the bottom of the economic ladder. The authors' theoretical model suggests that removing restrictions on land markets will increase landlessness among the poor, but that there will be both gainers and losers, with uncertain impacts on aggregate poverty.

Land in Transition : Reform and Poverty in Rural Vietnam

Reports & Research
Abril, 2012

The policy reforms called for in the
transition from a socialist command economy to a developing
market economy bring both opportunities and risks to a
country's citizens. In poor economies, the initial
focus of reform efforts is naturally the rural sector, which
is where one finds the bulk of the population and almost all
the poor. Economic development will typically entail moving
many rural households out of farming into more remunerative

A Mamba e o Dragão Relações Moçambique-China em Perspectiva

Journal Articles & Books
Abril, 2012

O crescente posicionamento da China, de mera aquiescência para um manifesto activismo, no que concerne os assuntos africanos está a transformar a dinâmica do sistema pós-colonial (Braütigam 2009, Alden 2007; Taylor 2006). Desde o  início do processo de reforma interna, iniciada em 1978, que a fé maoísta e o altruísmo revolucionário deram lugar a empreendedores comerciais e a defensores das formas de mercado capitalista, agindo conscientemente em interesse próprio.

G8 Cooperation Framework to Support "the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition" in Tanzania

Reports & Research
Abril, 2012

Three years after the G8 Summit at L’Aquila, Italy, the international community recognizes the importance of food security to development, inclusive economic growth and the dignity of all women and men. In that spirit, we welcome the success of the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Program (CAADP) in demonstrating African ownership and leadership, its call for expanded public and private investment in agriculture and desire to build on the progress that African governments have made in advancing a vision for agricultural development in Africa.