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Documentos de conferencias e informes
Noviembre 2016

This publication is the result of the workshop on “Responding to Climate Change and Tenure Insecurity in Small Island Developing States – The Role of Land Professionals” held in Christchurch, New Zealand 30 April – 1 May 2016 in connection with the FIG Working Week 2016. It includes a report of the seminar and a FIG Christchurch Declaration as the main outcome of the workshop.

Políticas Nacionales
Noviembre 2016

The Final Technical Report on the National Sustainable Development Plan NSDP 2016 to 2030 details the important strategic context behind the goals and policy objectives. It also provides the detailed background to the consultative process that led to the final document, and explains the key issues under each goal.

Políticas Nacionales
Noviembre 2016

Based on the review of the Agricultural Sector Strategy of 2014-2016, and the National Policy Agenda, the National Development Plan (2017-2022) prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture is a nation-wide sectoral document consisting of two key components. The first component is the national policy agenda, which sets out the national vision, priorities and policies.

Octubre 2016

This Regulation makes several changes in the Regulation on the implementation of Law No. 6306 on restructuring of areas under risk of natural disasters. Two subparagraphs have been added under Paragraph 1 of the Article 4 regarding reporting as a result of field monitoring and documentation. In Article 5, amendments have been made regarding demolition of buildings which are under risk.

Convenciones internacionales o Tratados
Septiembre 2016

The Parties, in accordance with the legislation of the Parties, and within the limits of their competence, will cooperate in the following areas: (a) exchange of information, periodicals, methodical, scientific- technical literature, the results of scientific research, video, photo and other materials; (b) planning, developing and conducting of joint workshops, seminars, conferences, training c

Septiembre 2016
Burkina Faso

Le présent décret définit l’organisation administrative du territoire et attributions des chefs de circonscription administrative au Burkina Faso. Le territoire national est organisé en circonscriptions administratives que sont: la région; la province; le département.

Políticas Nacionales
Septiembre 2016

El presente instrumento tiene por objeto promover la gestión sostenible del suelo en Colombia, en un contexto integral en el que confluyan la conservación de la biodiversidad, el agua y el aire, el ordenamiento del territorio y la gestión de riesgo, contribuyendo al desarrollo sostenible y al bienestar de los colombianos.

Legislación y políticas
Septiembre 2016


Date of Assent: 31st August, 2016

Date of Commencement: By Notice

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