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The Code regulates the land relations on the territory of Armenia and intends to provide effective land use and maintenance, environmental protection and improvement, creation of conditions for equal development of all economic forms based on a variety of property, preservation of rights of citizens, enterprises and organizations, and at legal reinforcement of the rule of law in the sphere of land relations (Preamble). The Code sets out the redistribution of the land stocks by allotting land as property, for permanent use and for temporary use (art.5-7).

Implemented by: Decree No. 179 on Procedures of maintaining the National Land Cadastre and of conducting systematic surveys on the status of land, 1991. (1991-03-06)
Implemented by: Decree No. 44 on the implementation of the Land Code of the Republic of Armenia. (1991-02-04)
Implemented by: Decree of the Supreme Soviet No.S-0250-1 of 1991 regarding entry into force of Land Code. (1991-02-04)
Implemented by: Bye-laws relative to sale of land to citizens. (0000)
Implemented by: Regulations on procedures of maintaining the National Land Cadastre and of conducting systematic surveys on the status of land (monitoring). (1991-03-06)
Repealed by: Land Code (No.185 of 2001). (2001-07-04)

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