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"Land amelioration" is defined in section 2 as "the drainage, irrigation or double-purpose regulation of water conditions, also the application of agromeliorative or land cultivation measures". Another key term used in this Law, "Amelioration System" (abbreviated "AS") is defined as "the complex of buildings and constructions for drainage, irrigation or double regulation of water conditions". This Law makes provisions in 25 sections for the construction, ownership, use and maintenance of Amelioration Systems and the creation of Amelioration Associations. The owner of the Amelioration System is the owner of the land on which the main part of the AS lies. The owner can be a private natural or legal person or a public entity (sect. 3). A State Amelioration Service shall be created pursuant to section 4. Amelioration Associations may be created by landowners or users for the purpose of realizing amelioration programs and for the maintenance of Amelioration Systems (sects. 5 and 6). Sections of Chapter II provide for the construction of Amelioration Systems on one's own land or on land belonging to another owner. Provisions of Chapter III provide for maintenance of the Amelioration Systems which shall be done in principle by the owner of the system (sect. 16). Provisions of the last Chapter (IV) regulate the transfer of Amelioration Systems from the State to landowners or Amelioration Associations.

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