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The purposes of this Act, consisting of 12 Parts, are as follows: (a) to provide land rights for Aboriginal persons in New South Wales, (b) to provide for representative Aboriginal Land Councils in New South Wales, (c) to vest land in those Councils, (d) to provide for the acquisition of land, and the management of land and other assets and investments, by or for those Councils and the allocation of funds to and by those Councils, (e) to provide for the provision of community benefit schemes by or on behalf of those Councils. According to the provisions of this Act the Minister may constitute an area as a Local Aboriginal Land Council area. For each Local Aboriginal Land Council area there shall be a Local Aboriginal Land Council which shall be a body corporate. The functions of the Council shall be inter alia: (a) to acquire land and to hold or otherwise deal with land vested in or acquired by the Council; (b) to negotiate the acquisition or lease of lands of cultural significance to Aboriginals; (c) to make applications in writing to the New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council for the granting of funds to be applied solely to the payment of the administrative costs and expenses of the Local Aboriginal Land Council; (d) to protect the interests of Aborigines; (e) to conciliate disputes between individual Aborigines or groups of Aborigines. Further provisions concern the preparation of Local Aboriginal Land Council rolls, membership of the council, election of members, meetings, etc.The Minister may, by notice published in the Gazette, constitute an area as a Regional Aboriginal Land Council area, the name and boundaries of which shall be as specified in the notice.Part 3 deals with mineral rights and mining on Aboriginal land, Part 4 with hunting, fishing and gathering activities on the land in compliance with the decisions of Local Aboriginal Land Councils.Part 5 is dedicated to the establishment and operation of Local Aboriginal Land Councils and Part 6 to Regional Aboriginal Land Councils.Part 12 is dedicated to Provisions consequent on enactment of Aboriginal Land Rights Amendment Act 2014.

Implemented by: Aboriginal Land Rights Regulation 1996. (1996-09-01)
Implemented by: Aboriginal Land Rights Regulation 2002. (2010-09-14)
Amended by: Aboriginal Land Rights Amendment Act 2014. (2014-11-19)

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