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These Regulations apply to land to which section 2 of the Physical Planning Act applies. All subdivision of areas to which these Regulations apply shall require the grant of permission of a local authority or liaison committee (reg. 4). Regulations 5 to 12 provides for procedures of applications and registration of applications. The register of applications, containing the information outlined in regulation 8, shall be open for inspection by the general public in accordance with regulation 12. Persons submitting a plan or scheme of subdivision of land shall comply with conditions set out in regulation 14. Regulation 15 outlines requirements relative to the contents of plans and respecting, inter alia, drainage facilities, reserved areas along ocean and lake shores, shape of plots, sufficiently large reserved areas along rivers. (18 regulations completed by 3 Schedules)

Implements: Physical Planning Act, 1996 (Cap. 286). (2007)

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