Constitutional Law on the subjects, procedure, terms and conditions and restrictions of the acquisition into ownership of land plots provided for in article 47, paragraph 2 of the constitution of the republic of lithuania (No. I-1392). | Land Portal

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In implementing the provisions of Article 47, paragraph 2, of the Constitution, this Law establishes the subjects which may be permitted to acquire into ownership non-agricultural land plots for conducting in Lithuania activities provided for in this Law; conditions, procedure and restrictions in compliance with which the subjects established by this Law may acquire into ownership a plot of land; grounds for determining the size of the land plot being acquired into ownership. Foreign subjects which do not meet the criteria set forth in Article 4 and which conduct economic activities in Lithuania may only be lease land plots required for the construction and operation of buildings and facilities designated for the above activities. Article 7 specifies lands that may not be acquired by subjects to which this Law applies: land under the objects belonging to the Republic of Lithuania by the right of exclusive ownership; land of national parks, national reservations, reserves, protective area of the territory of biosphere monitoring; agricultural land; forestry land, with the exception of plots necessary for operation of buildings and facilities designated for economic activities which have been provided for in the approved planning documents; land of recreational forests and forest shelter belts, rivers and other water bodies exceeding 1 hectare in size as well as their protective bank area; land of resorts and communal recreational territories, separate communal public recreational areas and objects; etc. The subject who holds the land to which, under the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, the rights of ownership of a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania must be restored may not sell the land prior to the restoration of said rights (art. 8). Article 10 spells out the procedure for the issue of permits to acquire a land plot, whereas article 12 specifies the methods of the acquisition into the ownership of land plots.

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