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Biblioteca Land Act, 1923.

Land Act, 1923.

Land Act, 1923.
An Act to amend the law relating to the occupation and ownership of land and for other purposes relating thereto.

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An Act to make provisions for various matters relating to land, including land registration, purchase of land and ownership of land, land bonds, land tenure, for powers of the Land Commission in respect of land, etc. Save and except purchase agreements between the Land Commission and purchasers from them no purchase agreement between landlord and tenant for the sale of a holding under the Land Purchase Acts shall after the passing of this Act be lodged with the Land Commission (sect. 18). Section 26 contains provision that apply where the whole or part of a holding of tenanted land, which is vested in the Land Commission by virtue of this Act, is sublet, otherwise than for the purpose of temporary depasturage, agistment or conacre, etc. Section 28 provides for subsequent purchase agreements by tenants. Section 45 deals, inter alia, with fishing rights appurtenant to the lands vested in the Land Commission.

Amended by: Land Act, 1950. (2000-08-15)
Amended by: Land Act, 1946. (2000-08-15)
Amended by: Land Act, 1926. (2000-08-15)

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