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This Law determines the main principles of realisation of the constitutional right of the Russian nationals to housing facilities in the new social and economic conditions and determines the general bases of legal regulation of housing relationship in the making of new forms of property and right of use of immovable property in the sphere of housing. Immovable property in the sphere of housing with the established rights of ownership, use and disposal includes the plot of land on which edifice is situated, that comprehends habitable and inhabitable premises, constructions adjoining the farm-house, perennial greenery as well as engineering and technical equipment of the housing sphere. The Law consists of 4 Sections composed of 28 articles. Section 1 lays down the general provisions. Section 2 deals with the property in the housing sphere. Section 3 regards provision with habitation, the use of housing resources and social guarantees in the housing sphere. Section 4 concerns the regulation of land relationship, construction, maintenance and repairs of housing resources and taxation and crediting support of the housing reform. Article 3 entitles government and administrative bodies and local administration to allot and to sell to the constructors for the purpose of housing construction, in accordance with the modalities established by land legislation, of the plots of land within the boundaries defined by urban planning documentation. Article 22 determines that the plot of land allotted for housing construction, must be used for the established purpose within the time limits determined by the local administration. In case of excess local administration is entitled to apply legal actions envisaged by the legislation currently in force.

Implemented by: Ministerial Decree No.707 regarding regulating the system of payment for dwelling and public utilities. (1996-06-18)
Implemented by: Federal Law No. 68-FZ on amendments and addenda to the Law on basic federal housing policy. (1997-04-21)
Amended by: Federal Law No. 52-FZ on amendments and addenda to the Law on basic federal housing policy. (2003-05-06)
Amended by: Federal Law No. 29-FZ on amendments to the Law on basic federal housing policy. (1999-02-10)

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