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This Act provides for the claim and grant of land as Aboriginal land. It consists of 26 Parts divided into 309 sections.Section 10 defines what is to be intended as Aboriginal land and Part 3 on Formal expression of interest about land, provides for the procedures to be followed in granting transferable land and Aboriginal land.Part 4 on Grant of transferable land as Aboriginal land, contains dispositions on the claiming of land, while Part 5 on Claims for claimable land, regulates the granting of land as Aboriginal land. When land is granted, a reservation needs to be made, in favour of the Crown for all minerals and petroleum on and below the surface of the land, a reservation is also made for forest products and quarry material as well as for land that is part of national reserves. It sets out provisions about particular land trusts, indigenous management agreements, particular claimable land, mortgages of leases over Aboriginal land and leasing of Aboriginal trust land.Part 6 provides for Grant of claimable land as Aboriginal land, the occupation and use of Aboriginal land by the State or Commonwealth, and Part 7 establishes Register of entities holding Aboriginal land, it is stated that the Mineral Resources Act 1989 applies to Aboriginal land.Part 8 establishes the Transfer of Aboriginal land by Minister, Land Tribunal as the body responsible for solving disputes that might arise in the application of this Act, it regulates its constitution and operation. Part 10 on Leasing of Aboriginal Land, consists of a validation provision applying to a conservation agreement in relation to transferred land entered into, or purportedly entered into, under the Nature Conservation Act 1992, section 45, by the grantees of the land before 18 March 2005, which is taken to be, and always to have been, valid. Part 26 deals with Renumbering of Acts.

Implemented by: Aboriginal Land Regulation 1991. (2015-12-11)
Implemented by: Aboriginal Land Regulation 2011. (2017-05-05)

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