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The Land Register Act provides for the procedure for maintenance of land registers. Land registers shall be maintained in written proceedings unless otherwise provided by this Act. Land registry departments of county and city courts shall maintain land registers. A land registry department shall maintain the land register concerning registered immovables located in the land registry jurisdiction of that land registry department. A land registry jurisdiction is the jurisdiction of the corresponding county or city court. Exceptions may be made by a regulation of the Minister of Justice. A land registry jurisdiction may by a regulation of the Minister of Justice be divided into land registry divisions where separate land registers are maintained. Each of the following, if entered in the land register as an independent unit, is registered immovable: 1) an immovable (plot of land); 2) right of superficies; 3) apartment ownership; 4) right of superficies in apartments. The document consists of 11 Chapters that contain 81 Articles. Chapter 1 (arts. 1-9) lays down general provisions. Chapters 2 (arts. 10-22) regards content of land register. Chapter 3 (arts. 23-31) deals with register entries. Chapter 4 (arts. 32-52) regards registration. Chapter 5 (arts. 53-60) regards division and merger of registered immovables. Chapter 6 (arts. 61-66) regards correction of register entries. Chapter 7 (arts. 67-69) deals with rewriting and rewording. Chapter 8 (arts. 70-71) deals with appeals. Chapter 9 (arts. 72-77) regards closing register part. Chapter 10 (art. 77 amended) regards electronic land register. Chapter 11 (arts. 78-81) regards implementation of the Act.

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