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Biblioteca Lake Basin Development Authority Act (Cap. 442).

Lake Basin Development Authority Act (Cap. 442).

Lake Basin Development Authority Act (Cap. 442).
An Act of Parliament to provide for the establishment of an authority to plan and co-ordinate the implementation of development projects in the Lake Victoria catchment area and for matters connected therewith and incidental thereto.

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The Act provides for the establishment of the Lake Basin Valley Development Authority as a body corporate and defines its powers, functions and internal organization. The Authority shall, among other things: (a) plan for the development of the Victoria catchment area and that part of Lake Kyoga catchment area situated within Kenya (“Area”); (b) develop and keep up-to-date a long range development plan for the Area; (c) carry out research and surveys on the resources of the Area, including agriculture, forestry, wildlife and tourism industries, electric power generation, mining, and fishing and recommend economic priorities; (d) coordinate schemes within the Area; (e) coordinate abstraction and use of natural resources, especially water, and set up an effective monitoring of abstraction and usage; (e) and implement measures and works necessary for the protection and utilization of water and soils of the Area. Where land is required by the Authority for the purposes of the Authority, it may acquire the land through negotiation and agreement with the registered owner or request the President or Minister responsible for land to acquire the land compulsorily under any written law authorizing the President or the Minister to do so. No consent of a land control board in the sense of the Land Control Act shall be required for the acquisition of agricultural land.

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