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Biblioteca Climate Change Act 2010.

Climate Change Act 2010.

Climate Change Act 2010.

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This Act, consisting of 65 Sections divided into six Parts and completed by two Schedules, aims at establishing a target to reduce Victoria's greenhouse gas emissions; to promote collaboration, cooperation and innovation in the Victorian response to climate change by strengthening the role of communities and other measures; to provide for a strategic response by the Government of Victoria to climate change through a Climate Change Adaptation Plan; to facilitate Victoria's contribution to national and international carbon sequestration efforts; to provide for the creation of forestry rights, carbon sequestration rights and soil carbon rights; to provide for Forestry and Carbon Management Agreements in relation to private land and Carbon Sequestration Agreements in relation to Crown land; and to promote transparency and accountability by providing basic, accessible information to the Victorian community on climate change.

Implemented by: Climate Change Regulations 2011. (2013-02-12)
Repeals: Forestry Rights Act 1996. (2001-09-13)

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