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Biblioteca Minerals and Mining Law (Title 23).

Minerals and Mining Law (Title 23).

Minerals and Mining Law (Title 23).

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This Act makes provision with respect to exploration for and exploitation of mineral resources, underground waters, geothermal deposits and related matters. It also empowers the Minister to regulate radioactive minerals.The Minister of Lands, Mines and Energy shall be the main administrative authority for purposes of this Act. The Act establishes a Minerals Technical Committee and a Mineral Development Fund.The Act sets out various mineral rights and the conditions at which they can be obtained. “Mineral rights” may a reconnaissance license, a prospecting license, an exploration license, a mining license of a quarry license. In order to obtain an exploration license or a class A mining license an applicant must conclude an agreement with the Government.The Act contains a Chapter dedicated to environmental protection. This Chapter concerns, among other things, environmental duties and safeguards, initial and periodic environmental impact assessment, restoration of sites and an environmental management program to be submitted by a holder of a right to the Minister.The Act defines the rights of owners of land affected by a mineral right Specific authorization shall be obtained by a holder of a mineral right for, among other things, clearing of land of trees and operating of unused waterfalls.Exploration of underground waters or geothermal deposits requires a license, whereas issue of operation permits shall be regulated by Guidelines and Regulations of the Minister. Operation permits shall set out rules regarding some specified matters.

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