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This Act, consisting of 69 sections divided into ten Parts and completed by one Schedule, continues the Aboriginal Lands Trust; to enable the Trust to acquire, hold and deal with land for the continuing benefit of Aboriginal South Australians. The following principles apply in relation to the operation and administration of this Act: a) Aboriginal interests in Trust Land should be accounted for and reflected in any decision making relating to the Trust Land; b) Aboriginal and other people with an interest in Trust Land are entitled to be consulted in respect of decisions under the Act that may affect them; c) Aboriginal people with interests in Trust Land are entitled to improve their economic well being through the management and development of the Trust Land in accordance with this Act; d) the Trust and Trust Land should, where appropriate, be administered, managed and developed in a way that strengthens the relationships between Aboriginal communities and the Trust; e) the Trust and Trust Land should be administered, managed and developed in a way that strengthens Aboriginal communities and enables them to widen their regional involvement; f) Trust Land should be managed and developed in a way that preserves and protects Aboriginal heritage in accordance with the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1988 and any other relevant Act or law; g) the Trust should be administered in a way that complies with appropriate standards of good governance, transparency and financial accountability; h Trust Land should, where appropriate, be administered, managed and developed in a way that achieves improved environmental outcomes on the Trust Land, including through the adoption of good natural resources management practices; i) Trust Land should be administered, managed and developed in a way that, insofar as may be appropriate, optimises the overall value of Trust Land.The Act is divided as follows: Preliminary (Part 1); The Aboriginal Lands Trust (Continuation of Trust) (Part 2); Commercial Development Advisory Committee (Part 3); Trust Land (Part 4); Commercial and other activities of Trust (Part 5); Regulation of liquor and other substances on Trust Land (Part 6); Mining operations etc on Trust Land Permission required to carrying out mining operations etc on Trust Land, Arbitration, Royalty, etc. (Part 7); Delivery of services under Local Government Act 1999 and Outback Communities (Administration and Management) Act 2009 (Part 8); Dispute resolution (Part 9); and Miscellaneous (10).

Implemented by: Aboriginal Lands Trust Regulations 2014. (2014-07-01)
Amends: Aboriginal Heritage Act 1988. (2016-03-24)
Amends: Real Property Act 1886. (2017-10-24)
Repeals: Aboriginal Lands Trust Act 1966. (2010-02-01)

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