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Febrero 2015
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Economic progress is accompanied by a
fundamental spatial transformation where the economic
landscapes of countries become increasingly uneven. The
journey from low incomes to high incomes involves rising
concentration of prosperity in a few places. Connecting
people to prosperity - is the principle behind economic
integration policies that can help countries reap the
benefits of both uneven growth and inclusive development.
These principles are important for Sri Lanka, which has laid
the foundations for long term progress. Sri Lankas rise into
middle income has been accompanied by a rapid transformation
in how global markets view the country. This reshaped the
countrys economic geography - firms not farms now lead Sri
Lankas connectivity with the rest of the world. And these
firms benefit from concentrating production close to
Colombo, whose port moved 3.7 million containers in 2008. As
a consequence Colombo and its neighboring areas have prospered.

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