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Octubre 2015
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The objective of this Road Map is to propose the main aspects to consider and steps to take to initiate, monitor and contribute to the review of the current Land Law (LL – Law 19/97, of October 1). The review of this law entails the subsequent review of its implementing instruments, namely the associated Decrees and Ministerial Diplomas approved since 1997.

The experience of the Interministerial Land Legislation Review Committee (the ‘Land Committee’) in the mid-90s clearly showed that a legislative process should be guided by the objective of materialising a ‘vision’, i.e. a land policy attuned to the national reality. As such, the function of the legislator – advised by lawyers and other technicians – is to prepare a legislative package that facilitates the practical implementation of that policy. At the same time, the revised legal instrument should be clear, accessible and consistent to the various land stakeholders.

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Tanner, C., Lopes, T., & A. Cristiano

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