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Marzo 2015
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Illegal and irregular allocations of public land were a common feature of the Moi regime and perhaps it’s most pervasive corrupt practice. The Ndung’u Report as well as various reports of the Public Investment Committee details numerous cases of public land illegal allocated to individuals and companies in total disregard of the law and public interest. Most allocations were made to politically correct individuals without justification and resulted in individuals being unjustly enriched at great cost to the people of Kenya. Many allottees proceeded to sell the land to state corporations or other parties at colossal amounts of money far in excess of the prevailing market value. In order to detail the cost and other human rights dimensions of this theft, the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights and the Kenya Land Alliance have partnered to produce this series of publications. The broad aims of the series is to enhance the protection of public resources, give voice to those who are most hurt by the illegal diversion of resources, empower the general public to demand accountability and transparency , and serve as a check on unscrupulous leadership. We hope that the series will increase awareness of corruption as a human rights issue, enhance an understanding of the cost of corruption, and to demand their fundamental rights

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Maina Kiai
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