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    Prepared by the Food and Agriculture Organization

    Informes e investigaciones
    Noviembre, 1961

    In Kenya drought sharply reduced the maize crop, causing famine

    conditions in some areas, towards the relief of which surplus maize

    was donated by the United States. In the rest of east Africa the effects

    of the drought were less servere, but some food products wera in short

    supply in Uganda and thera were crop failures in parts of Tanganyika. ^

    Coffee and sisal production increased substantially in Kenya, reflecting

    the progress of 'African production under the Swynnerton Plan. In Uganda

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    Julio, 1961

    The present Act lays down provisions relating to the improvement of agricultural structures and the safeguard of agricultural and forestry industries. The text consists of 39 articles divided into 5 Parts as follows: Land transactions (I); Inheritance proceedings (II); Proceedings (III); Amendment of existing legislation (IV); Additional, transitional and final provisions (V).

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    Noviembre, 1961

    This Act defines the right and procedures to sue the Kingdom of Tonga and liability of the the Kingdom and related persons in tort. The Act also concerns legal proceedings, performance by the Kingdom and the execution of judgements.

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    Mayo, 1961

    La présente loi érige en zone de modernisation pastorale la zone Sahélienne d'Elevage située au Nord de la limite fixée à l'extension des cultures telle définie par la Loi n° 61-5 du 26 mai 1961 est déclarée zone de modernisation pastorale. A l'intérieur de celle-ci, des décrets fixeront : les secteurs géographiques où les opérations de modernisation seront exécutées et les programmes d'action à y mettre en œuvre.

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    Julio, 1961

    La présente loi fixe la procédure de confirmation d’expropriation des droits fonciers coutumiers dans la République du Niger. Par ailleurs, elle prévoit les procédures d’appropriation collective et individuelle; expropriation pour cause d’utilité publique; des dispositions transitoires.

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    Agosto, 1961
    Sierra Leona

    This Act amends the Crown Lands Act by repealing section 3, 9, 17 and 19 and by amending section 4, which now reads: "The Minister may make grants of Crown Lands in such manner and subject to such conditions as may be required and as he may deem proper". The effect of the amendments is that now the Minister decides on granting of Crown land. Other repealed sections concern survey of land and resumption of lands by the State for the purposes of construction of public works.

    Amends: Crown Lands Ordinance, 1960 (No. 19 of 1960). (1960-12-31)

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    Enero, 1962

    This Act provides that the Concessions Act, 1939, other than section 30, Part 4 and section 40, shall cease to apply to stool lands.

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