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    Documentos de conferencias e informes
    Febrero, 1966

    La mission ne se proposait pas de mener une enquête d'ensemble de la région. Elle a toutefois examiné certains problèmes touchant à la santé

    à l'enseignement et au commerce ainsi que des questions concernant l'infrastructure de la sous-région et influant, dans une certaine mesure, sur l'expansion de l'agriculture et de l'élevage.

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    Informes e investigaciones
    Diciembre, 1966

    The purpose of this 1966 Technical Note is to (1) condense instrwctions given in the Economics Guide,and Technical Releases, and (2) promote uniformity in the procedures
    used to evaluate flood plain land damages for project developments. It supplements Chapter 5 of the Economics Guide, and Technical Releases numbers 17 and

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    Enero, 1967
    Islas Turcas y Caicos

    This Ordinance provides with respect to land title surveys in the Islands. Persons that carry out a survey shall be an surveyor authorised under this Ordinance by the Governor. Any surveyor working for the government shall be deemed to be authorised as long as he or she is employed by the government. The Governor may from time to time order public surveys. The Ordinance also provides for powers of authorised surveyors, compensation of damage done during survey and regulation-making powers of the Governor.

    Implemented by: Land Survey Regulations (Cap. 09.03). (1987)

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    Enero, 1967

    If the Minister is satisfied that an area should be declared a controlled area or part of an existing controlled area, he may by notice in the Gazette declare that area, a controlled area, or part of a controlled area.

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    Enero, 1967
    Estados Unidos de América

    This Part of the California Food and Agricultural Code concerns the California Exposition and State Fair. Specifically, it creates the California Exposition and State Fair as a new entity in state government with the intent to vitalize it. The Fair’s board of directors is then tasked to develop a policy which provides for an innovative program including the concept of an agriculturally themed exposition which would communicate the issues surrounding the production and marketing of food, fiber, and plant material to the general public and such other concepts as are feasible.

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    Diciembre, 1966

    This Act makes provision for the control of mining and related operations in the Fiji Islands.The Act consists of 68 sections divided into 7 Parts: General (I); Prospecting and mining (II); Damage and compensation (III); Registration, approval and stamping of documents (IV); Miscellaneous (V); Penalties (VI); Regulations (VII).All minerals of every description, including crude oil,shall be deemed always to have been the property of the Crown and shall be deemed not to have been parted with under any alienation, dedication, lease, licence or permit of such lands save in so far as such rights

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    Enero, 1967

    This New Zealand Law, consisting of 33 Parts and 3 Schedules, provides for various matters that apply to the territory of Niue, including Village Councils, cases stated by the High Court or Land Court or Land Appellate Court and cases stated by Supreme Court for Land Appellate Court, land taxes and land development. The Land Court may by Order declare that any Niuean land shall be subject to the provisions of act relating to land development.

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