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    Ministerial Policy Statement for LANDS, HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT
    Legislación y políticas
    Junio, 2014

    Madam Speaker and Honorable Members, the vision of my Ministry is “Sustainable Land Use, Land Tenure Security, Affordable, Decent Housing and Organized Urban Development”. The Mission is “To ensure sustainable land management, planned urban and rural development and decent housing for all”. The Mandate is “To ensure rational and sustainable use, effective management of land and orderly development of urban and rural areas as well as safe, planned and adequate housing for socio-economic development”.

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    Septiembre, 2016

    This Act provides with respect to spatial and land use planning at national, regional and district level in Ghana. It established the Land Use and Spatial Planning Authority and the Land Use and Spatial Planning Development Fund.

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    Agosto, 2015

    This Act makes provision with respect to planning management and administration and the system and procedures for planning.

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    Agosto, 2016

    This Act provides with respect to the protection of the environment in Seychelles. It designates the Ministry or Department of the Government under the Minister responsible for the environment as the Ministry for the purposes of this Act and defines its functions and powers.

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    Septiembre, 2016

    This Act provides for the town and country planning at national, district and local level. It sets forth the provisions to prepare, approve and a deposit a plan and establishes an administrative framework for development planning. The Act also provides for development control and enforcement. It consists of 99 sections divide into 10 Parts.The Act establishes the Physical Planning Council and the Physical Planners Board. There shall also be a Commissioner for Physical Planning.

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    Mayo, 1997

    This Act provides for the management and conservation of forestry resources in Malawi.

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    Octubre, 2013

    This Act makes provision with respect to the management, use and maintenance of irrigation systems. It establishes the National Irrigation Commission and defines its functions and powers. The Commission is established as a body corporate and shall be an independent department of the Government under the Ministry responsible for irrigation. The Commission shall be responsible for coordination, promotional and regulatory functions in the development of the irrigation sector.

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    Septiembre, 2016

    This Act makes provision with respect to customary land in Malawi and in particular the administration of customary land and the adjudication of an interest in customary land.

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    Políticas Nacionales
    Enero, 1997

    The overall aim of the National Land Policy is to promote and ensure a secure land tenure system, to encourage the optimal use of land resources, and to facilitate broad-based social and economic development without upsetting or endangering the ecological balance of the environment. The specific objectives of this National Land Policy are to: promote an equitable distribution of and access to land by all citizens; ensure that existing rights in land especially customary rights of smallholders (i.e.

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    Abril, 2016

    This Act provides rules for physical planning, including Integrated Urban Areas and Town Development Planning, in Marsabit County. County plans shall be made in accordance with provisions of Part XI of the County Governments Act, 2012. This Act prescribes content of county physical development plan and creates a county planning unit which within the county government and a county planning unit.

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