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    Artículos de revistas y libros
    Diciembre, 2009
    Hungría, Europa oriental

    Az agrártermelés helyzetének romló tendenciája és a vidék kilátástalansága egyre határozottabban követeli egy egységes agrár- és vidékstratégia kialakítását. Erre azonban nemcsak külső okok, de az ágazatban érdekeltek mély belső ellentétei miatt ma sincsen sok remény. Ehhez le kellene számolni sok, a rendszerváltás óta létező, a rendszerváltás törvényei által védett tabuval, amihez az agrárágazat és a vidék sorsa iránt nagyobb felelősségre, alázatra és együttműködésre lenne szükség.

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    Documentos de política y resúmenes
    Diciembre, 2014
  3. Library Resource
    Hungría, Europa oriental, Europa

    Ensuring the protection against flood, and thus planning, regulating, organizing, governing, controlling of flood preventive activities, through the construction, development, maintenance and operation of protective waterworks (mainly reservoirs and canals) of non-local competence, shall be the duty of the State. This Act applies to the tasks and activities related to the re-development, planning, preparation and realization of the Vásárhelyi Plan (improvement of the capacity of water flow in the principal bed, creation and restoration of floodplain zones, etc.) .

  4. Library Resource
    Hungría, Europa oriental, Europa

    Section 1 contains the definitions of terms used in this Decree, Section 2 provides rules regarding river banks, Section 3 contains rules concerning the first bottom of rivers, Section 4 contains the rules regarding wetlands and areas endangered by underseepage, and, finally, Section 5 provides final provisions.

  5. Library Resource
    Hungría, Europa oriental, Europa

    This is a comprehensive statute of forest management aiming to extend forests by reforestation, to produce good quality and competitive forest products; to contribute to soil conservation, water management and other useful purposes; to integrate hunting and wildlife management with the national economy. The Law differentiates between forests (for timber extraction, research purposes, protection forests and recreational forests, protected forests and for wildlife management purposes) and other woodlands whose surface area is less than half a hectare.

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    68/2015. (III. 30.) Korm. rendelet a megyei kormányhivatalok mezőgazdasági feladatainak meghatározásáról

    Hungría, Europa oriental, Europa

    This Decree states that the minister in charge of agricultural affairs shall excersise the powers of controlling and techical supervision of county governmental offices in respect of food-chain control, forestry, hunting, fishery, animal protection, wine production, plant production, soil protection, animal breeding, agricultural damage valuation and agricultural administration. The National Food-chain Safety Office shall contribute to the excersice of the minister's technical governing powers.

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    2013. évi CXXII. törvény a mező- és erdőgazdasági földek forgalmáról

    Hungría, Europa oriental, Europa

    This Act lays down rules regarding the acquisition of property rights of agricultural and forestry lands, the institution of usufruct right on such lands, the use of land, the control on restrictions relative to the acquisition of land, and rules regarding local land commissions. This Act applies to all land in the national territory.

  8. Library Resource

    2003. évi XXVI. törvény az Országos Területrendezési Tervről

    Hungría, Europa oriental, Europa

    The purpose of this Act is the determination of terms regarding the utilization of land in each area of the country, the equal distribution of technical and infrastructural works, taking into consideration the principle of sustainable development, the protection of territorial, natural, ecological and cultural features and values, and the conservation of natural resources.

  9. Library Resource
    Convenciones internacionales o Tratados
    Rumania, Polonia, Eslovaquia, República Checa, Hungría, Ucrania, Europa oriental, Europa

    The Convention applies to the Carpathian region to be defined by the Conference of the Parties. Each Party may extend the application of this Convention and its Protocols to additional parts of its national territory by making a declaration to that effect. The Parties shall pursue a comprehensive policy and cooperate for the protection and sustainable development of the Carpathians with a view to inter alia improving quality of life, strengthening local economies and communities, and conservation of natural values and cultural heritage.

  10. Library Resource

    253/1997. (XII. 20.) Korm. rendelet az országos településrendezési és építési követelményekről

    Diciembre, 1997
    Europa, Europa oriental, Hungría

    The conditions and method of use and parcelling out of lands, and building must be determined by urban development plans and by local building regulations. Urban areas may be divided into built-up areas or non-built-up areas. These areas shall be classified, on the basis of their general use and characteristics, into various land use categories.

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